parameterized scope and inner join

Hi all,

I do this :

$comptes = 






                                                'scopes'=>array( 'elapsed'=>$date)





and in a related model (not in UserProfil)

    public function elapsed($dateToday) {




            'join'=>'inner join',

            'condition'=>"date_renouvellement <= :date",

            'params' => array(':date'=>$dateToday),


        return $this;


Well This code produces a bad SQL request:

SELECT `t`.`id` AS `t0_c0`, `t`.`nom` AS `t0_c1`

FROM `tbl_profil_user` `t` LEFT OUTER JOIN `tbl_user` `owner` ON (`owner`.`id`=`t`.`id`) 

LEFT OUTER JOIN `tbl_profil_compte` `infosAdmin` ON (`infosAdmin`.`user_id`=`t`.`id`) AND (date_renouvellement <= :date) inner join. Bound with : 

I would expect that Inner join replaces the Left Outer join, nut not …

Maybe I misunderstood something but I do another request with using scope (not parameterized and with inner join, and it worked well)

Have you an idea of what is wrong ?