Parameterized Hostnames With Session Timeout


I am using parameterized URL’s as per the documentation as follows.


'http://<user:\w+><lang:\w+>/profile' => 'user/profile',


I have a prefix rule on the domain as follows;

‘http://<name:\w+>’ => ‘site/index’

This allows me to pull the "name" value from the request using GET parameter name (not sure if that is phrased correctly).

My issue is when the session expires, I click on a menu item and the GET parameter is no longer set, i.e. "name" has no value, even though the URL on the menu item is still the code to access the request does not pick up the name parameter ?

All input appreciated.

May in your issue redirection take place due to accessrules

This action happen only the first time or repeatedly after the expired?