parallelizeurl extenstion


I’m going to use this extension in my application to boost up speed of some task like images etc…

But when I run this extension then I get error like

Property "CWebApplication.parallelized" is not defined


Its look like CWebApplication class doesnt have paralelized property.

Can anybody help in this to resolve it.

Since in components it is defined as "parallelize" then you should access it this way:


Looks like a little documentation mistake.

Hi Anday_s glade to hear from you and this


Throwing this error

Object of class ParallelizeUrl could not be converted to string

Then don’t use it in a string context (echo, print, etc.). I didn’t work with this extension, so read the documentation (if it exists) and follow instructions :)

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Jacmoe, welcome to post, anyway there is such documentation with this extension as well.

Bah - being a moderator doesn’t mean that I answer on posts.

Look at the source code if the docs are lacking.

I really don’t have the time to download, unpack and do the testing, grokking and whatnot required to be able to help you out.