, cloud service for electronic and social Commerce

Hi again to all yiiaddicts, firstly excuse me for my poor English, I’ll try my best on speak it correctly ;D.

I’m bringing to you a new project that we want you to know, it’s called

[size="4"]What is[/size]

Two months ago we launched (auto-english), a cloud service to build fast and easy online stores in less than 5 minutes with less than a few bucks. It’s mainly oriented to spaniards merchants and freelances who want to try a new business model based on eCommerce and sCommerce. The main purpose of the service is to be simple and effective, keeping a tight budget for our clients.

[size="4"]Yeah, but technically What is[/size] is a multitenant plaform based on Yii 1.1.5 + [b]L/b[b]A/b[b]M/b[b]P/b + APC(last Beta) + (few others), hey! whats up with Nginx+memcache??? ::) we didn’t need it yet!! thanks Qiang!! The platform use a one-click template system feature for online stores, so we can build any basic template with one click of a mouse (we are even improving this part). We are using about 15 yii extensions. The ddbb of the whole project (included homepage) comprises almost 60 tables with a total of 119444 lines of code including extensions. We are also based on a UK cloud hosting to be more flexibe if possible. Our architecture is a typical 3 tier with a key-based multitenant solution.

[size="4"]What about social Commerce?[/size]

Well, in an effort to get real innovations in our platform B) we have developed a feature allowing people to add their online stores to their own Facebook Fan Pages in just 3 mouse clcks. Since then, they get one single administration with 2 shop windows, one on the web, and another one in Facebook.

[size="4"]Is it multilanguage?[/size]

Yea, we have coded (at least tried it) all the platform in english but the product web page, although we are only supporting Spanish users by now, our english is so bad and we have to improve the translations and so. We have just enabled the english administration and shop so you guys can check it out.

[b][size="4"]Who are you? Are you very experience programmers?


We are mainly Alejandro Fanjul (CEO) and Enrique Andreu (CTO), a pair of young guys from Spain. We founded Siokia company in 2009, mainly focused in Interactive Digital Television and New Medias, we could say we have a certain background in IDTv and multimedia stuffs. That said, we are newbies in PHP :(, in deed the first line of PHP code we wrote in our lifes was for this project. At the beginning, we spent some days comparing some languages and frameworks and between ¿among? (web2py, django, RoR and Yii) we finally choosed Yii (thanks again Quiang :D)

[size="4"]Are you going to let me see something?[/size]

Yes of course , that is the first reason we are posting here, we know we probably have a lot of mistakes and errors and we’d appreciate any constructive reviews about our work and project. So here are some links:

  • product web page: Native Spanish, Auto-translate in English. Google translator has some problems with the very first banner and it’s messed up. Google also has problems translating https pages so we have disabled SSL in registration process for the next two days so you can check it out in english.
  • Our blog: Native Spanish, Auto-translated in English.
  • Zarademo Store in Web
  • Zarademo Store in Facebook Fan Page: practicing Social commerce… (you can give us a “Like it” !! ;D)
  • English account dministration for Yii Store: user is "yiistore" and password is "yii"
  • Video tutorial about how to build your own Zara online store in less than 5 minutes
  • Some more real examples:,,

Well, we hope you like this project proudly made with Yii, and be compassionate with our mistakes. I’m leaving our contact details just in case you want it:

Alejandro Fanjul Fernández

CEO and Founder at Siokia and

write me at:

follow me at: @alejandrofanjul

link me at: http://www.linkedin…alejandrofanjul

friend me at:

see me at:

read me at:

Enrique Andreu García

CTO and Founder at Siokia and

write me at:

follow me at: @enriqueandreu

link me at: http://www.linkedin…ndreu/b/120/a19

friend me at:

read me at:

[b]Best regards and have a nice weekend!!,

Alex [/b]

Loved the design!

Let us know some of the extensions you used?

There’s a 404 when I click the feed icon.

Thank you for your warning, indeed I tried to map several urls to the same endpoint url doing something like this:


but obviusly is not the solution. Does somebody know how to map several url to one controller/action? thanks.

Yes of course we used some tipical extensions like: browser, ckeditor, geoip, gmap, qrcode, swiftMailer, yiidbugtb, and some more specific like shoppingcart from samdark, thanks sam ;D. We have modified many of them to adapt to our needs and maybe with not the best code…but…they save some time in some cases… we are not too experience (or maybe too lazy) to encapsulate, widgetize and objectize all the things as it would has to.

Advice: have only one canonical URL. The others you must redirect via a .htaccess, for example.

Very well.

You have a nice product. I wish you have success!


Great project … I love it and wish you success!

Can you share some info about the site performance?

Server load, render time, memory usage etc… I believe it’s going to be interesting for everyone here.