In my app, I’m using a TbListView with pagination. The thing is, I’m inside a “License” controller, showing data from “LicenseCases” controller and when I click the paging options, it renders another page, instead of the supposed renderPartial.

I want to load the new elements inside the div that it is supposed to, not render an entire page.

Here is the code:


<div id=“licenseCaseListContainer” data-url="<?php echo Yii::app()->createUrl(‘licenseCase/index’, array(‘ajax’ => $list_id)); ?>">


$this->renderPartial(’_licenseCaseList’, array(

‘dataProvider’ => $dataProvider,

‘list_id’ => $list_id,







        'itemsCssClass' => 'items row-fluid',    

        'id' => $list_id,

        'dataProvider'  => $dataProvider,

        'itemView'      => '_view',

        'pagerCssClass' => TbHtml::PAGINATION_ALIGN_CENTER,    

        'template'      => '{sorter}<br />{pager}{items}{pager}',

        'enableSorting'               => true,

        //'sorterCssClass'              => 'inline-ul-list sorter ',  

        'afterAjaxUpdate'             => 'function() {SiteCtrl.licenseCaseListController();}',

        'sortableAttributes'          => array(        

            'status'        => Yii::t('licenseCase', 'status'),

            'user_id'       => Yii::t('licenseCase', 'user_id'),

            'case_id'       => Yii::t('global', 'ClinicalCase'),

            'expire_date'   => Yii::t('licenseCase', 'expire_date'),




Can anyone point on how to get the rendering happening inside the licenseCaseListContainer div?