Pagination without loss research

Hi everyone!

I need for any example or suggestion to create pagination without loss research.

Example in my application:


// Formulário para pesquisa

$modelForm = new ImoveisPesquisar;

$pesquisa = false;


$criteriaBuscar = new CDbCriteria();

$criteriaBuscar->order = 'id DESC';





$comp = '';


if(isset($_POST['ImoveisPesquisar']['id_negocio']) && $_POST['ImoveisPesquisar']['id_negocio'] != '')

$criteriaBuscar->condition = $comp . 'id_negocio = ' . $_POST['ImoveisPesquisar']['id_negocio']; $pesquisa = true; $comp = ' AND '; $modelForm->id_negocio = $_POST['ImoveisPesquisar']['id_negocio'];






$pages=new CPagination($count);



$modelImoveis = Imoveis::model()->findAll($criteriaBuscar);




But when i click in page “2” (example), THE FILTERS ARE LOST :(


i use this extension to keep my filter during navigation:

But i’m not sure that before using it my filter was lost when i changed page.

I posted something which I then realized did not answer your question. Oops!

Would love to have an update on this issue, because that extension looks interesting.