Pagination with Full Page Cache

Hello, I think the out of the box support for pagination and widget pagination is excellent by combining these two features.

  1. AJAX pagination of content lists

  2. Full Page Cache

When using Full Page Cache support, the pagination links no longer work. Basically clicking on next does not refresh the content list since the page is cached. I believe this is due to how Yii’s AJAX pagination behaves. It actually requests the full page again but only renders the appropriate content in the dom.

Has anyone found a way to get pagination to work on full page cache support on Yii?

Try Cloudways full page cache extension. You will not face any issue, I had good experience with their services also you can ask their support team for any issue.

Has anyone tried the Cache to Disk or SuperMesher Operators

with particle flow with a Solid StateDrive, and if so, was it blazingly fast?