Pagination Shows In Large Fonts.

Hi there,

My problem is , my CGrid View Pagination show in larg size.

In my controller

public function actionBilling()	{

		$model=new WebBillingHistory('search');

		$model->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values







and in Views/billing.php panination shows in large size, I am unable to solve this problem.

I attached a image if you see this,



what is wrong there, I don’t use Action admin,index. Only want to use Action billing.

are you using any external css libraries? Can you empty your assets/ folder and reload and see if this fixes the issue

Where i found assets folder?

Question : If i empty this assets folder, something becomes wrong with my design?

Your assets folder is in your root web directory - the same location as your index.php entry file. If you remove the content of the assets directory, it will be regenerated at the next page request.

Don’t delete the assets directory itself, just the directories within it.


Also, to see where the incorrect styles are coming from, assuming you’re using Google Chrome, right click one of the pagination links and choose “Inspect Element”. On the right hand side, expand “Computed Style” and expand the property that you want to check. It’ll show you which rule is being applied and which ones have been overridden, as well as which style sheets the rules have come from.