pagination many_many

a Post has_many tags (id, title, text)

a Tag belongs_to many posts (id, name)

ends up in a many_many-relation PostTag (postId, tagId)

how to get a paginated list of tags?

Any idea?

If you only have one post, then you may paginate the tags using: $tags=$post->tags(array(‘limit’=>10,‘offset’=>0));

Here’s how I did sort & pagination on many_many:

    $pages=new CPagination($model->modelsCount); // modelsCount is a STAT relation


    $sort=new CSort('Model');

    $order = array();

    foreach ($sort->getDirections() as $field => $direction)


        $field = '??.'.$field;

        if ($direction)

            $order[] = $field.' ASC';


            $order[] = $field.' DESC';


    $models = $model->models(array('order'=>implode(',', $order), 'limit'=>$pages->getPageSize(), 'offset'=>$pages->getPageSize()*$pages->getCurrentPage()));