Pagination Error

Hi there,

I have a cgridview and a search form with dropdown list (month and year). It’s worked well when I select month/year in search for. But an error appeared when I clicked onto the second page (Ex page 2) after that, the search form doesn’t work anymore?

After checking, I saw the link in the paging always keep the previous value, it’s seem not asset a new value when I choose from the search box!

Does anyone have the same issue?


I think I found the solution, hope it helpful for you.

In fact, the pagination is using ajax method to load data, therefore when I click next page, it will ajax load the controller again and the problem was here.

In the controller, I set params as $_POST, it is a terrible logic that I’ve met. To solve this issue, I change the method to $_REQUEST and every seem ok :)

Hope it helpful and save your time, if any solution is incorrect, please fix it, Thanks :)