Pagesize in CListView

I have a CListView which shows standard 10 items in the list. I have pagination enabled and want to change the pagsSize. Nothing seems to word, even if I add it to the dataprovider.

here is the code I use.

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(





	'emptyText'=>'U heeft nog geen deelnemers uitgenodigd.',


	'summaryText'=>'{count} deelnemers',

	'template'=>'{summary}<hr />{items}<hr />{pager}',

	'summaryText'=>"U heeft {count} deelnemers uitgenodigd.",



	'pager'=>array('cssFile'=>false, 'pageSize' => 20,'class'=>'CLinkPager', 'header'=>''),

)); ?>

Any suggestions or remarks are welcome.

I think pageSize should be set in the dataprovider in your model/controller. Like they have here. Why don’t use show us your code for that?

You could try putting this above your widget just to see if that works

$provider = $deelnemers->filterByOrganisatie();

$provider->pageSize = 20;

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You can do like this

$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider(



    'criteria' => array(








or this way

$dataProvider->pagination->pageSize = 20;


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