Pager links not consistent

I have an interesting case with a default pager created by a CListView. My case:

I have a search form, and submitting this form directs me to following URL (in this case I am searching for "02/2011":


This is ok, this is exactly what I expected. But then, the pager creates URLs only with slashes:

Page 1:


Page 2:


Unfortunately this crashes my application and returns a 404, as the Apache is not configured to allow encoded slashes and I don’t have access to this configuration (it is not possible to do this via .htaccess).

So is there a way to make the Pager generate URLs the same way the search form is doing? And if so, how?

Same problem here. Any toughs, sugestions?

[edit]Resolved! try to use ‘appendParams’=>false on ‘urlManager’ configuration section and be happy![\edit]

Oh, that’s great, thanks very much!