Page width default


my layout template is of 900px width and min-height of 450px. so basically the layout template has the header, body content and footer all set ready.

i have a submit page @ which contains a anchor link. if user click on the link, it will open up a lightbox which displays on managearticle page, it contains a textbox and a submit button. because of the layout template, the lightbox displays managearticle page with the header and footer of width 900px.

how do i make managearticle page independent from the layout template. this means that when managearticle is displayed on the lightbox, there won’t be header and footer and the width is independent from the layout template of 900px.

im using facebox for the lightbox @ and im trying to have it work with remoteSites using ajax.

You can disable the default layout by setting $this->layout to false in your controller


class AcrticleController extends Controller


  // ...

  function actionManagearticle()



     // ...



Or you could of course set another layout by providing a string with the name of the layout as it can be found in your application.views.layout directory.


hey tks. this is what i was looking for.

ScallioXTX’s 2nd option would work. I would also use renderPartial in case you, down the road, do want to embed it into you app.