page not found in module view:error404

Hi guys,I have in a module in backend two controllers,called DefaultController and LPersonArtController.It’s used to be published in main.php like this:

   'modules' => [

        'app_einstellung' => [

            'class' => 'backend\modules\app_einstellung\AppEinstellung',



AppEinstellung is coded like this:


namespace backend\modules\app_einstellung;

class AppEinstellung extends \yii\base\Module


    public $controllerNamespace = 'backend\modules\app_einstellung\controllers';

    public function init()





I have set for easier doing prettyUrl to false. In folder views are two subfolders

1.: default(with an index.php)

2.: lpersonart(with several CRUD-Files,but also an index.php)

If I gonna browse following Url:


I will get output like this:


This is the view content for action "index". The action belongs to the controller "backend\modules\app_einstellung\controllers\DefaultController" in the "app_einstellung" module.

You may customize this page by editing the following file:


But If I gonna browse following Url:


I will get 404-error.

I use Windows,so it’s case-insensitive

Any ideas,how to fix this?


U are the Greatest. I noticed that U already have tried to help me in past. This time, it was a great success of you.

I also had to rename subfolder lpersonart in folder views to l-person-art.

Thank you very much for this!