Page Not Found after switching from Windows Vista to Ubuntu

I recently switched from running Yii on my laptop with Windows Vista on to an office server running Ubuntu(9.04) Linux.

I get a Page Not Found error when I access most of my controller actions now. I've just checked and notice that it is only when there are parameters passed in my url like

,but this

works perfectly.

Any suggestions???

Check  your controller file name. It is case sensitive on Linux.

:-\ Didn’t work qiang. Changed controller file name from RawMaterial.php to rawmaterial.php and I get the same error.

You should use RawmaterialController.php.

Sorry made a typo there qiang. I meant to say


I tried changing controller file name from RawMaterialController.php to rawmaterialcontroller.php and I get the same error.

RawMaterialController.php was the initial name for the controller. I didn't make any changes to any controller names after I copied it over to linux box

Use RawmaterialController.php as Filename. Only the first letter of the controller name in the route will be uppercase.

Spot on, thanx Mike,qiang  ;D