Page cahe


Could someone give me an example about how i can cache a page for 1 hour (3600) … ?

I want to cache my front page of the website (, the entire page.

Thank you :)

This should work:

   function actionIndex(){

       if (isset(Yii::app()->cache)){

            $data = Yii::app()->cache->get('homepage');


                   $data = $this->render('index', array(), true);

                   Yii::app()->cache->set('homepage', $data, 3600);


            echo $data;





Thank you for your replies!

Ok, sebas i have a question: i like your method, i understand it but i don’t understand why the page isn’t cached?

I made a test on a standard generated web page, everything is good when the line “$this->render(‘index’);” is there but when i commented it i don’t get any cached page(any content), only a blank page.

I just switched from code igniter to yii and i really appreciate if you can help me a little bit with this problem.

Thank you!