Page cache not working in modules

To achieve caching I put this piece of code in Controller.php

	public function filters()


	    return array(







It works on normal page but it doesn’t work on modules. Why?

maybe controllers there override filters() method without merging it with parent::filters() ?

I wrote the following and it works! thanks



	 * @return array action filters


	public function filters()


		$filters = array(

			'accessControl', // perform access control for CRUD operations



		return array_merge($filters, parent::filters());


I have a problem.when I use page cache,I can not submit the form.why?

I also experienced the same problem. Let’s see if someone knows the solution to this problem.

do you submit with POST or GET?

is there any request generated (in firebug) or there is no action at all?

Concretely, I had problems logging in when cache is active.