I have installed Yii,Perl in Wamp Server.I am able to execute a Perl script in yii framework too.

The problem is i want to use Perl module.

Ex:college is my Perl module.


package college;

some code here

using some other package here…

now i want to use this Perl module in my Perl file(

so that will have


use college;


my $s=college->new($server,1,0);

some code here

it does not show any error but the statement my $s=college->new($server,1,0); is not all executing…

Everything inside Perl module and Perl script is also correct.

i have executed the Perl script alone in Active Perl its executing successfully.

What to do in Yii for importing a package??

Please anyone help me…

I’m sorry, but your Perl question is not related to Yii at all. You should maybe better check out some Perl forum or google for “PHP Perl” or something. Yii::import() has no effect at all on any Perl stuff.