Oyepages.com -Powered By Yii Framework

We have recently released social networking platform b[/b] for Asia region, powered by YII framework and built on:

Jquery, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, HTML 5, node.js, MongoDb and Memcache.

havent tested it yet, but you might wanna know about this

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Nice ^^

Good Job!!

nice one.

From page http://oyepages.com/about, the "Sign Up Here" link is broken :

Unable to resolve the request "www.oyepages.com".


Good Job. I am also looking to create such a social networking site.

Nice job.

Regarding your “Best viewed in Firefox and Chrome.” in the bottom, you can use Google’s ChromeFrame to give IE browsers a better user experience.

looks nice!

after registration and reviewing functionalities,

looks gr8.

+1 for this.

Thanks for pointing it out. We missed it! It was the issue of case sensitivity. Actually the application is deployed on a Linux box and developed on Windows platform.


Thanks for pointing out the broken link.

Thanks. Will give it a try for sure.


Thanks for appreciation.

Thanks. Do let us know when you are done.