Owner And Requester Show Null (Chapter5)

Hello All,

test code and find issue,chapter5 page107 first project and issue creation is ok, but second project and more,and issue create will show abnormal,Owner and Requester null.

attachment for your reference.Pls help and thanks a lot.

Keep in mind that the book is building an application, and so are you, along the way.

On page 103, we explicitly assigned users #1 and #2 to the first project using direct SQL. This is in order to have a couple of users assigned to that first project for the purpose of being able to complete the initial issue management feature. It is not until chapter 6, where we get into user management, that we build the feature to allow the "owner" of the project to assign users to their project. So, you will need to continue on with the building of the application (i.e. continue on to chapter 6) in order to get users assigned to projects and then they will be available to be assigned to issues within those projects.

Hope this helps.

insert into tbl_project_user_assignment then will be ok.enjoy with your code :)

INSERT INTO ‘tbl_project_user_assignment’ (‘project_id’, ‘user_id’)

VALUES (1,1), (1,2);


for second project,INSERT INTO ‘tbl_project_user_assignment’ (‘project_id’, ‘user_id’)VALUES (2,1), (2,2);

third project,INSERT INTO ‘tbl_project_user_assignment’ (‘project_id’, ‘user_id’)VALUES (3,1), (3,2)…