Own Success Callback On Yii Cactiveform


I have an webpage containing many small forms created by CActiveFrom widget. Sending form data happens trough ajax in the background, which works fine.

But now, I need to display the return string from the ajax call, after the form was processed successful.

Is there a way to define an own callback-function, which is fired after successfully send the CActiveForm?

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To answer my own question… maybe someone has the same issue. The solution is quit simple.

This CActiveForm sends data using Ajax, because the submit button is an CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton.

So the secret is not to set an callback function at the form-widget configuration. You have to use the ‘success’ option from the ajaxSubmitButton:

    echo CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton('Save', 'http://post.date.url), 


                                      array('title'=>'Click to save','class'=>'submitBtn' ));

Try this Code In Your Own jave script function

[color="#2E8B57"]url ="//Url Path;