Overview Of Yii Framework

Hi guys this is just an overview of yii framework developed by me… this may be use for someone who just started learning Yii framework cheers :rolleyes: add your ratings…

Seems very clean and nicely done!

Only thing that bothers me is why did you compare framework and cms? I think, libraries or toolkits are things which should be compared with frameworks.

because in my office the co-workers does not know anything about cms or framework so that i did and i take the seminar about it…

Hi Ahamed,

Nice text for a seminar introducing Yii.

I would have wanted to add some pages showing how gii can help us speed up the development. :)

I am currently creating a ppt that shows how to quickly start a crud application using the power of gii.

it will be released soon!.

Ah, that’s promising.

Why don’t you use some slide sharing web service?

I dont used it and I dont know…

SlideShare should be a choice.

An example:

Speaker Deck is another option.

It is a great idea to get some information about Yii out there.