outsourcing my projects

I often get small projects but I can’t get time to do them all.

So just wanted to know how much you gays will make simple site like http://www.panaudit-mali.org/

I live in Mali and the cost of living is quite low here.

I wonder sometimes if outsourcing my projects would be advantageous.


Beg your pardon? :huh:

@fouss: hint:

Here competition for simple website design is rather rude although the living standards are not that low in cities. A simple website could cost a low as 200USD.

Now, the value added would be for outstanding design and/or webapps, so prices can get much higher. And maybe also responsive or mobile-oriented sites.

To give you an idea, a PHP/MySQL expert can charge up to 400 USD a day. Clients who would pay that make the difference. Otherwise they wouldn’t pay 100 USD <_<

I guess you can check yourself if this outsourcing is worthwhile to you, by publishing projects on the numerous freelancers sites on the web (oDesk, for example) and examining the offers you’ll get.

Thanks you very much for giving me all this ideas …!

I can do this very easy… pls ping me here sivat1985@gmail.com