OS X users: Xcode/Dash documentation set

If any developers using OS X are interested in a handy local reference for Yii, I’ve created an Xcode documentation set (docset) which is useful in conjunction with the Dash app (http://kapeli.com/dash/). I generated this from the inline documentation using doxygen because it supports docset as an output format. If there’s a more appropriate way to generate this, please let me know.

Build instructions to do it yourself at: https://github.com/stennie/dash-docsets/tree/master/yii

Or download a zipped docset from: https://github.com/stennie/dash-docsets/tree/master/yii/docset

Feedback appreciated if you find this useful or have any suggestions :)

Should note that doxygen defaults aren’t friendly to some of the inline comments … the Yii documentation is much better than an initial generation pass would suggest.