OS X Server 10.5 gii Permission Issues to write file

Hi. I am using a Mac OS X leopard Server to develop a site but for some reason, I am facing a permission issues.

It seems like it is a Server OS issue because when I use MAMP with regular OS X, I have no problem.

I thought of using MAMP but they don’t recommend using MAMP in OS X server environment…

The issue is that when I try to use the gii to create a model, it says: "Unable to write the file ‘~documentroot~/protected/models/modelname.php’

Anyone had any similar problems or know a solution for OS X server?

The problem is that when I change the permission on the folder “models” as 777, then gii creates the file without a hitch but I really don’t want to do that.

Am I missing something?

I have this problem on linux… because when Gii runs and tries to create a file it runs as a user "wwwrun" not as the logged in user

That’s why in the documentation for Gii says

Because Gii may generate and save new code files in the existing application, we need to make sure 

that the Web server process has the proper permission to do so.

This is not a problem as this is only needed on the development machine where Gii is used…

Thanks for the info mdomba. It makes sense.

I guess I have to keep it as 777 and change it as it goes to production. :)