ORM Relationships

Hey All,

I’m looking at using Yii for my next project but have a few Q’s re its ORM library.

Currently I am a Codeigniter developer and one of the plug-ins I use is called datamapper. It allows me to do complex queries and join multiple tables in a few lines of code.

With Yii can I carry out such queries ie,

$u->where_related_model('id', $x);

I can join deep related content. ie,

$u->where_related('project/task/status', 'label', 'completed')->get();

If your interested you can see more here (http://www.overzealous.com/dmz/pages/getadvanced.html)

If Yii can do the same things is there any tutorials on how to do so.

Hope you can advise.

Please check the guide. Especially:




My God, How did I miss the guide link at the top of the site !!

Thank you.