Order by timestamp before group by in CActiveDataProvider

Hi everybody,

I’m struggling with the following problem:

There’s a table with


internalID is a grouping ID, because an entry can have several "copies". But I want to show just the newest one (order by date). So I added some scopes:

public function scopes()


    return array(

        'latestProjects'	=> array(

             'order'	=> 'date DESC',


	'groupInternal'		=> array(

	     'group'	=> 'internalProjectID',




And in the Conroller I call:

$quotationData	= new CActiveDataProvider(Project::model()->latestProjects()->groupInternal(), array());

I get grouped entries, but not with the latest entry first… It combines the SQL Statement (and as I googled, group by is executed before order by…).

How could I solve this problem?

Never mind, I solved it by some sort of hack:

$prop	= new Project;

$propData	= $prop->statusSort(0,2)->latestProjects();

$proposalData	= new CActiveDataProvider($propData, array('criteria' => array(

    		    'group'	=> 'internalProjectID'),