Oracle support

Hello guys!

Any prevision for Oracle support? Maybe in version 1.0.4 or 1.0.5?


Maybe you can help develop this? In the upcoming 1.0.4, tof helped create the support for MS SQL Server.

Hello Qiang!

Actually, I am trying to do that  ;D

But, it's a bit complicated, rsrs… I'm trying.

Have i just to make a db/schema/oracle, that's right?

After this, i am a bit confused… I have to change YiiBase or somewhere else?

You may refer to the implementation of mssql support whose files are located under framework/db/schema/mssql (in SVN only currently). Once this is done, we need to modify CDbConnection so that it can recognize the new Oracle support. And that's all.

You may also refer to the implementation in the PRADO framework:…a/Common/Oracle

Yes, it requires extensive knowledge about Oracle. That's I am asking for your help because I don't have that knowledge.

Feel free to ask here if you encounter any problem.

Qiang, I need to override the CDbCommandBuilder with COraCommandBuilder.

When I want to override CDbSchema, i do it in CDbConnection, where i have the $pdo parameter. But where and how can I do this to the CDbCommandBuilder class?


Oh, I've already done it, but thanks

In my COraSchema I overrided the createCommandBuilder, this way:

protected function createCommandBuilder()


	return new COraCommandBuilder($this);


Just it ;)