Oracle Iso8859-2 Charset

I have a oracle db with iso8859-2 charset. When i connected to the db with utf8, the php pdo drop error.

data was too large for buffer and was truncated to fit it

If is connected with iso8859-2 dont drop, but dont show the special characters. Yii encode use htmlencode, and this function dont allow the iso8859-2.

I dont solved this solution. Anyone?

I use, this function in queryInternal() and solved the probleme.

    public static function encodeArray($data) {


	if(is_array($data)) {

	    foreach($data as $key=>$value)



			$key=iconv('ISO8859-2', Yii::app()->charset, $key);


			$value=iconv('ISO8859-2', Yii::app()->charset, $value);





	    return $d;

	} else {

	    return $data;



And before bind the value, i convert it to iso8859-2.

This solution is not perfect. :(

Any idea?