Oracle An Yii


I am new in yii, unfortunatly my first yii application run on an Oracle database.

I read many post on the argument but I haven’t find a solution working for me.

I am sure that the problem isn’t in oracle server or in comunication between web server and oracle server.

Oracle server answer in millisecond from php page, the same query in Yii answer after 30/40 seconds.

Both activerecord and command query are slow (command query are faster then AR but still slow)

My tables are huge (1500000 records), but from php is really fast do query and print results.

My Yii is 1.1.12 Oracle is 11.2 the oracle client is 11.2 64bit and i work with pdo driver

The application is really simple (i am new in yii) mainly generated by gii

Someone can help me? I choose the wrong environment?

Please show us what queries are you comparing.


I’m new in yii, I’m trying to connect to Oracle, but, I haven’t find a solution to do.

Could you tell me?

Yii is last version

Instant client is 11.2