Openlayers Mapping Extension

Anybody interested in making a mapping extension with widgets for openlayers, datagrids (SlickGrid), and spatial queries?

I have started something already


Currently on my site I have these OpenLayers widgets:

  • OLViewer - Shows a map and possible one marker (reading lat/lon from a model).

  • OLWidget - Shows a map for the purpose of allowing users to click on it to update lat/lon form fields.

  • OLKMLViewer - Shows a map with a KML layer that reads the marker positions from a KML URL. To produce the KML output I have an action that renderPartial a view in KML format. (this widget is somewhat incomplete and do for example currently not allow clicking on the pins to go to their view nor does the current solution allow grouping of points based on zoom level).

On my site I use OLWidget on the create page of point based objects. OLViewer is used on the object view page. OLKMLViewer is included in search results.

Some aspects of the widgets (including what layers to show in the map and default starting location/zoom) are currently hardcoded into the widgets that would need to be made public properties in a published extension.

What have you got started?

As for me I did a fork from Philippe Desmarais’ OpenLayers widget. and am calling it mapping widget

I have added the slick data grid and linked it with the openlayers map.

am now working on a search widget so that search results are overlayed on the map via AJAX.

have also managed to put them all in the Jquery UI Layout. which makes it look like extJS.

am trying to make a set of widgets that can be placed in different parts of a view to make different mapping applications:

proposed widgets:

  • -map

  • -layer switcher

  • -feature selector [data table grid]

  • -query executor [an input field for query and sending results to openlayers]

  • -legend

  • -editor

  • -controllers [zoomer,panner,…]

  • -layout

I wanted to start posting the extension, but my membership is newbie. so I cant. I might need to post it on GitHub first.


once again, I’am calling upon all those interested in creating a set of GIS / Mapping extensions for Yii to express interest.

Drupal has several mapping modules. its a shame yii has very very few


I haven’t worked on my Yii-OpenLayers extension for a while, and neither has my colleague Pier-Luc.

We use this repository for the project:

If you want to contribute your changes, you are welcome!

BTW, Leffe, did you take a look? I’d be curious to see if our extensions can be merged.

I might start working on it again as we want to use OpenStreetMaps as our base layers in some time.