Open Sourcing YiiBoard

Hi all,

am glad to inform you that Hosanna Higher Technologies Ltd have authorized the request to open source our Yii module YiiBoard.

However three things must be done and to this I ask for community help.

  1. Decoupling the module from Current internal login system to Allow User Login System (Will be done by Us)

  2. Create Default Theme for Forum. The current one is company’s colors (Need help here) — Only CSS knowledge ;)

  3. License that will permit growth of the module and preent misuse (Need Help Here too)

You can see the sample forum here

  1. What do you mean by misuse?

btw., there’s another forum project opensourced: Not a module though.

A paranoia term, in other words avoid the use of it in canibals society ;)

Seriously: Just to make sure Company is no liable for any misuse by user. something like "If you make thieves forum, we are not collaborators by giving you platform"

We don’t like meeting with Interpol :)

Looks nice one! One of reason to open up is have users input as well as developers contributions (I’m sure it is badly coded ;) )

Good coders are always other not you developer (Joke)

I may be interested in contributing. Can I pm you regarding the details?

As for the license, I understand you do not want you or your company being held accountable for any mischief done with help of the software? I think pretty much every OSS license is covering that. I personally prefer Apache Software License 2.0, but ofc you’re free to choose :lol:

New BSD is OK as well. As Da:Sourcerer said, any OpenSource license will be OK since it’s the basic thing they all cover.

Coming to think of it … Probably the only two licenses not covering this at all are the WTFPL and the Beerware License

Thanks buddies.

I will go with any, Apache or New BSD (random choice )

@Da:Sourcerer Yes, go ahead and PM me details. You are definitely welcome to contribute!

Uh, don’t take this lightly; it’s still an important choice to be made!

They both address our concerns so no really big difference.

To make the matters hillarious, I give you chance to choose the best of the two … and this is serious!

That URL though:



First one is module forum and the other is controller and final is action.

It will be changed in future (I think I inherited it from Bbii and failed to rectify)