Open Source Yii CMS - GXC CMS

Your CMS look nice. Off course there is still much work, but this is good start!

@Ivica : Sure, we still have many things to do and that’s why we need the support form community! ^^

We have 2 more local members join us to work on this cms. Will update when having any great news.

Hi, mr80 and Tri Nguyen

I’d like to join your project. But I’ve just learned Yii for one month. Also, I’ve never graduated from any colleges. I learn everything by myself.

May I join? Maybe I will not contribute much to the project (because of my ability), but I think this is an opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things.

Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

@Tue Nguyen:

We welcome everyone who loves to join with us! ^^

@Tue Nguyen: Welcome you :)

Great Job!

It’s a good idea to have a forum and trac!

Hi all,

I’ve finished working on Resource Upload Stuff! You can check it at the demo backend. Resource Upload allow different Storage Methods, get Remote File if link submit is an Image. Will add resize images features for image resources.

P/s: Working to allow add Resources in an Object Content Type. For example: An Article content type has a resource : Thumbnail. A Video content type has a resource : Video. A Slideshow content type has resources: many Images,…( This Object - Resource binding has been developed in an old version of this CMS and I re-work to make it better )

I am very biased, but if you want to use Bugitor, that would be great. :)

It can be extended to include forum and wiki - plans are to include a wiki module soon(ish) - but the more people using Bugitor, the better it will become.

It is still in the early stages, but it has worked well for two projects so far.

Here is the Bugitor showcase topic:

Hi MR80, in demo backend de application redirect to Localhost, please, check it.


@ JPatagonico:

Fixed it bro! Thanks for info ^^


Thank you for your suggestion. I can download it here : right ?

P/s: I am looking for a Redmine alternatives by PHP too! Thank you for making this ^^


@mr80 , Good work friend.


Seeing that you’re on Github, and interested in Bugitor, maybe I should grab the chance to write the Github SCM backend?

Currently, Bugitor supports Mercurial, but it has support for other VCS’s too - in various stages of completion.

The Github API is fairly comprehensive, so I think I can manage to get something working in less than a week. :)

You got the url for the source right.

Although it would be a lot better to grab it directly using Mercurial as Bugitor is constantly changing, especially now that I have no excuse to put off support for other VCSs.

Hi mr80, this is a great job. I like your CMS. ;)

There is a problem with installation.

When i try to install cms, (backend/index.php?r=beinstall/run)

i get this error:

1146 Table ‘gxc_cms.gxc_auth_assignment’ doesn’t exist.

Please, fix it.

I will wait new updates and Sorry for my English ;)


I downloaded the newest sample project and install runs well. Really don’t know why you get that errors. But we will review and make a better installation method than now.


I found that your bugitor requires to install some more modules as in README file, i’m afraid that I can’t install on current shared host. So I’ve switched to use an alternative called candycane (

The issues tracking is now live at :

Feel free to submit issues guys!

Have a nice day and happy coding! ^^

Great CMS, I really like the backend simplicity.

A shame. :)

Bugitor doesn’t require additional modules - don’t know where you’ve got that idea to be honest.

If it really does, I want to know about it.

Actually, it was initially based on Candycane when I used CakePHP, but I decided early on to rewrite a lot of it.

And then it was ported to Yii - a decision I don’t regret.

I haven’t followed the Candycane project for a while, but back then it didn’t support referencing issues in commits.

That’s a feature which works in Bugitor.

You can close/fix or reference issues directly in your commit messages, something I really liked about Redmine.

And it also supports multiple repositories per project.

But Candycane is a great project. At least it got me started porting Redmine to PHP.


I found this line on README “Bugitor currently requires that the ‘hg’ executable is present on the server on which it runs.” - so I am just afraid I can’t install on shared host. :(

It runs without! :)

It would be a bug if Bugitor died because hg wasn’t present.

I’ll remove that from the README - it was written before I rewrote the SCM backend.

And in a small week it will support the Github API.

I’ll use a Sourceforge account to test it on a shared server with restrictions.

Cron would be nice to sync repository with tracker, but SF doesn’t have cron, so some alternative will be available.

look nice promosing cms in yii

thanks for sharing it…