Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software

Hello there Yii community,

What Open Source Web-Based Project Management Software do you choose to manage your Yii and other projects? Please add some Pros & Cons why do you use it and other important features any PHP Devs and Project Managers should have.

If you have an outstanding non FOSS(Free Open Source Software) application in mind, please share that too.

All brief and concrete opinions are welcome!

Here is a list from your used Project management software:

  • Mantis Bugtracker (1) - for bugtracking, feature requests, roadmaps, changelogs

  • Trac (1)

  • Pivotal Tracker *Has licence limitations (1)

  • JIRA (2)

  • Redmine (1)

  • 2-plan (1)

  • Your beloved software here.



for bugtracking, feature requests, roadmaps, changelogs I use mantis Bugtracker is a good choice, I think the guys over at wordpress use it is well.

I use Pivotal Tracker for small personal projects. It provides simple story management and bug tracking, which allows me to actually get down to coding. It’s not open source, but it does have an open API, which has led to some decent integrations and alternate interfaces (iPhone client is my favorite).

How about JIRA from Atlassian? They do provide free license for Open Source project.

Tried many of issue management software… Trac, Mantis and believe me Redmine is the best :)

that’s the best out there

I have been trying and using open source PM tools for a long time now…and have seen people try all sorts of things while they are building new PM tools…But I found one recent tool that seems to applied real thought and research…their innovative concept has a web-based tool and a desktop tool which integrate very well…and the best part is that it differentiates between work packages and tasks…so PMs and other stakeholders can create workpackages and a stable time schedule in the desktop version (and this WBS can be loaded to the web based tool) and the tasks created in the web based tool by the team leader. Their website is and you know what…it’s free.

There are various open source project management software in the market. But each of them differ in features and uses. For most of my projects I use Microsoft project management software. One of the reasons why I’ve opted for it is that it offers a host of solutions, including demand, finance, time and schedule management. I’d recommend you to visit Microsoft’s website and match the features of the software with your requirements.

We are using pivotaltracker, and it is free only for open source projects.

Redmine, because opensource & flexible.


For that we go as far to seek, if we have a solution at home:

We can adapt our necesidases