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im Paulo Coutinho from PRSoluções ( - Brasil.

Some years ago i have migrated all PRSoluções projects from ZendFramework to Yii and in this time all the projects use a base project, so to make new projects i only CLONE the base project and start make the non-common things like new modules and interface.

And one month ago i have decided open this base project on github. It is on a stable version, dont have know bugs and it is used in some large projects too here, like websites, hotsites, intranet, webservice, web API, ecommerce. All using this base project.

You can find some features in official repository README:

If you have any feedback, please, report to me.


really nice sharing , thanks :lol:

Updated because i have found a bug!

Project updated.

  • New jQuery (latest)

  • New Boostrap (latest)

  • Some improvements

  • JS vars names changed

See the log on github.

This is excellent! Thank you so much for sharing it! :)

Thank you so much. This can be useful for our developers!

Guys, that do you think about the post at cleveroad blog called Top List of Free and Open Source Projects: GitHub

Which of those open source projects you use?

I developed a new ready-to-start Yii2 app, called "Y2AA - Yii2 Advanced App". The repository is:

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