Online store

Hi, %username%.

It’s my first Yii-powered web application and my first implementation of CMS with backend based on Yii and ExtJS (desktop style).


What I noticed:

  • Product images have no size (width, height) defined in the img-tag. You may set the size so the images won’t “pop up” when the page is loading. But I guess that’s a little complicated cause the size will differ from each product image.

  • When adding something to the cart, no visual confirmation is visible when the page is scrolled down. Could confuse buyers. You may add a small confirmation window that stays for 1 second and blends out automatically.

Yes, the size is differ. There is Preview controller whith URL like /prev/<image id>_<approximite width>x<approximite height>[.jpg], the real size of returned image is unknown. Once called the controller saves preview in the same location and then image returns directly by web server. That’s why it’s difficult to set img width and height attributes.

It’s useful remark, I’ll think about it.

Thanks for notices.

Releasing it as a standalone Yii-based ecommerce solution would be great.

May be, but it takes a lot of time which I can’t have now

Look good

Excellent news for web application.


I am looking to build an online ecommerce application using the Yii framework. Your site looks nice.

I notice there is no ecommerce/shopping cart extension available for this frame work.

What base did you use for your shopping cart features… did you start with another extension and modify or did you write the cart from scratch??

thanks in advance

I want to ask what "technology" did you use for the back end?you use xml?