Online store with community features

Hi All,

I am proud to present a new site developed from the ground up using the latest version of Yii!


This is a company in South Africa that sells video gaming and anime related products.

A brief overview of the site.

  • Shopping Cart

  • Forums (still limited features in relation to IP Board but I am continuosly adding features as I go along)

  • Chat Box

  • Poll System

  • Private Messaging

  • Review System

  • Over 100 model files

  • Utlises 6 extensions (1 developed and 5 modified Yii extensions)

  • Utlises APC cache

I would like to say thank you to the Yii team for this great framework it really has helped in developing a robust website like the one explained above.

Welcome to any feedback about the website.


Congratulations GDZyne, it looks very good.

Please allow me to suggest you to change the behavior of your BUY button. When clicked, it just reloads and updates the basket but I have not really see it until I checked the right side of the page. I think the best would be to direct to the view of the basket and allow the user to CONTINUE SHOPPING or CHECKOUT.

Very good work…

Nice application/work.

I think its better to let the user to stay on the current page with update of the cart status and let do more shopping.

Thank you for the feedback guys - it is on my todo list to update that behaviour to display a status popup in the centre of the page to signify to the user that the product was successfully added to the cart - I will make it visible for only 1 second before it disappears.

Its better to stay the popup for containing the information about the action/product for at least 5 seconds.

Looks awesome! Good job …


Thank you imehesz…