Online expense management

Hi everyone,

Few months back I created a small application called to manage regular expenses online powered by Yii. I recently launched the first version of ixpense as Open Source Software under GNU GPL v3. You can download and extend it to any level and use it for any purpose maintaining the author credits and regulations of other licenses used. Please visit for more details and downloads. :)

Hope you like it!







Oh, thanks, was just recently thinking about making something similar for myself :)

Excellent, it seems to be a great application.

Thanks !!

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that depends o country for me it’s (00223) 75019600 and I can’t register

ok I put only "75019600" before

Great work! By the way i am also working on a similar type of application, will share it here once completed.

You can join the project at google code ixpense and upload the modified versions. Cheers!!

Sure, and plz do let me know if you need any help. Al the best.