Online database php editing with codemirror plugin (under development) v.0.1

Hi All,

It has been a while since I encountered YII. But since a month I started to actively code in the platform. What a relief compared to other frameworks.

Anyway I wanted to store code in my database and edit it online in the browser with syntax highlighting but could not find a plugin for it.

So the codemirror plugin is my first contribution to the community.

I got my inspiration from the EWYMeditor plugin, so credits to this contributor as well!

This is version 0.1 so I encourage people to help me make it better!

My time is limited so i need all the help I can get.


Extract to extensions dir


create textarea

<?php $this->widget( ‘ext.codemirror.Codemirror’, array(‘model’ => $model,‘attribute’ => ‘myfieldName’, )); ?>

define a target of your own (not yet tested)

<?php $this->widget( ‘ext.codemirror.Codemirror’, array( ‘target’ => ‘textarea’,)); ?>

Please feel free to help me out or drop comments.



Looks good! How would I go about to set the options that are available for codemirror?