Online API docs for 1.0

I was suprised to see the online API docs updated to 1.1a even though 1.1 isn’t even released yet. That means: No API docs for the current stable version online! At least for the maintenance period i’d expect complete documentation.

Can’t we have both of them available online?

Here you are:

Very nice, thanks Qiang.

Maybe also add a link on the documentation page? The page could be split up for 1.0.x and 1.1.x releases. I always found it convenient if a project site also has alle the documenation for older releases.


This idea is not so good because there will be ×2 documents to keep up to date for documentation translation teams. It’s stated very clearly in documentation what feature is available since what version.

The main problem is, that 1.1 docs do not contain all 1.0 methods (e.g. CActiveRecord::safeAttributes() is gone in 1.1). It would be ok to have 1.0 in english only. Would be better than nothing.

We keep a separate API documentation for every release. The main goal is to ensure its accuracy. We do not translate API anyway.

For tutorials, we only keep one copy and document changes clearly.