One User; Many Modes

Hi. I want to create a function/situation that is similar to Facebook’s “Use Facebook as”…

In Facebook, if you are a page admin, you can use facebook as your personal profile, or as the page. When you use Facebook as the page, all of a sudden you don’t have friends… the mode completely changes; you only have fans and cannot chat as opposed to the personal profile where you have friends, and are able to chat.

But you still log in with your personal profile’s username and password; there’s no separate login for you to use facebook as the page.

Also, you only see things like insights and statistics of a page you manage. If you view a page you don’t manage, you can only access some limited content.

Then, you can only use facebook as one page at a time - you can’t be two pages at the same time; but you can be a manager of many pages.

I want to implement this in the web application I am making. The difference is, instead of “Personal Profile” and “Page” (Facebook), the two modes I want to implement is “Employee” and “Company”. “Employee” is the normal end-user, then the “Company” is like “Facebook Page”, you see stats about the employees in the company… things which the Employee can’t see.

Also, you can manage many companies, but only use the website as one company at a time.

Thanks ;D