One Time Password


Any idea on implementing one time password in yii?



Not clear daniel. pls be more specific!! whats the purpose?

if you want to talk about password expires then there should be a duration column in your table and you could mk a comparison of time whenever someone wants to connect.

Thanks for the replied.

What I wanted to do is to have one time password like in ebanking website. Where the user can only using a password/passcode once. My plan is that the user need to ask the supervisor to get into the system. Hence, the supervisor will now that the user access the system, and can decide whether to give the access or not.

One scenario, I have 10 passcodes in my hand generated and stored in the system. My operator need to access the system, I give him one passcode. He can login using the passcode and do whatever he needs to do until the session expired or he logout from the system. Next time, he needs to access the system again, he need to ask me for the new passcode since the old one cannot be used to login to the system anymore.



A solution is a cron job, that checks which sessions are enabled and which are not.

So for those user has not session you can reset their passwords to unknown one (for example md5("45tn546tytn") )