One question of render can't work for ajax request.

Hi All.

There is one ajax request, url is following:

and the CompanyController/actionUpdate like following:

return $this->renderAjax('update', [

                'model' => $model,


But if I changed renderAjax to[color="#FF0000"] render[/color], it don’t return anything, only with status code 200. And then, Chrome explorer refresh, direct to

Normally, if we use render not renderAjax, it will return complete HTML page with layout.

but if i use render with ajax request, it don’t return anything, it’s very strange.

PS: Generally, we make use of renderAjax in action or pjax widget in view to respond ajax request. But i really want to know why method “render” don’t return anything when respond ajax request. what’s the truth.