Onchange Event

Hi, i have this <select>

<select onchange="">

											&lt;?php &#036;body = Body::model()-&gt;findAll();

											foreach(&#036;body as &#036;key =&gt; &#036;value) { ?&gt;

												&lt;option&gt;&lt;?php echo &#036;value-&gt;title; ?&gt;&lt;/option&gt;

											&lt;?php } ?&gt;


how to make this, when i call the onchange event, my page to load only with the selected items.

For example, when is not selected the page show all the kind of motors, but when i select another option, to load a new page with the selected type of motors.


The best wat to do that is calling ajax

create an action with parameter id that return only the specified selections