On Click Render Partial

I want to show forms in a divisions, without redering a page, on click of link.

two links are

<div id="link">

<?php echo CHtml::link('Create User',array('User/create')); ?>

<?php echo CHtml::link('Create Address',array('Address/create')); ?>


<div id="forms">

// display the create forms


On click of create user, i want to show user create form in a division. On click of create address, show address create form in the same division. ho it possible in yii?

Any Rplys…?

You will need to links or buttons that will reload an specific <div> tagged with some id.

For some examples you can check this website: http://www.yiiplayground.com/index.php?r=AjaxModule/ajax/ajaxRequest#ajaxButton