October 23, Nomadphp 2014 - Faster Web Development With Yii Framework 2

No doubt, there are a lot of PHP frameworks to choose from, but my personal favorite is Yii. Yii is your standard MVC framework, complete with scaffolding, performance tools, and a high level of extendibility. Yii has a pretty low level of entry for beginners, with great power and capability for the expert. Really, Yii is just a delight to work with. In this presentation, I’m going to introduce web development using Yii, using live coding and demonstrations. Plenty of time will be given to the range of what Yii offers, with an emphasis of what I consider to be its strengths. The presentation will also cover what’s new in version 2 of the framework, which is coming out in 2014. And despite the fact that I really like Yii, absolutely no time will be spent suggesting why it’s better or worse than your favorite framework.

Larry Ullman is a writer and developer. He has written more than 20 books and numerous articles. His books have sold over 350,000 copies world wide in more than 20 languages. As his readers, students, and co-workers can attest, Larry’s strength is in Translating Geek into English: converting the technical and arcane into something comprehensible and useful. Larry currently works as a Support Engineer for Stripe.


It’s cool they have the “video ticket”… just brought one to listen to Larry ;)

Where is this meetup located?

It’s all online