October 12 - Php Frameworks Day, Kiev

I plan to speak at the upcoming PHP Frameworks day in Kiev that will happen October 12. Talk will be in Russian.

Conference schedule is still forming and will be available soon.


If you want to visit the conference, there’s the link to register: http://frameworksdays.com/register/

Speakers list is now formed. Got lots of frameworks represented. Also Rasmus Lerdorf will be there so in case you have questions I can ask it for you.

Conference went really good http://rmcreative.ru/blog/post/php-frameworks-day--otchjot

What are you using to create your slides again?

Here’s the video:

and slides: http://slides.rmcreative.ru/2013/php-frameworks-yii2/

I’m using http://lab.hakim.se/reveal-js/

I can’t load the video, any download link is possible?

It’s in Russian. youtube.com/watch?v=vsjWXUlzxvk


Oh, No English exist????:(

Nope :) I was speaking English at a conference only once.

I can translate slides if you want though.

Oh. Excellent, Is it possible for.:lol:

Thank you really for that.

I’m waiting for it Impatiently.:D


Very fast translation so sorry for language and errors.

ُThanks a lot.

That was so excellent.

Nicely explain!Appreciated!!It gives all positive feelings towards yii2!Waiting for stable version which can adopt in actual practice!!!

Alexander, thank you for your speech and presentation, they were very exciting (as for me it was almost the best part of all the conference, almost becouse there was Rasmus for example)). Very cool moment was when you showed the slide “Is ZF2 and SF2 evil?” - And your presentation was closed :). Also a good portion of humor was included. Thank you.

Thank you for so exciting slides. May i have its source, I decide to translate it into my own language.

Is it possible?

It’s HTML.

OK. No problem. I just want to translate it.

What about push it in your github repository?!:unsure::)

Will do but a bit later.

Thanks a lot.

I`m waiting…

By Thanks Mr. Samdark.

I have translated the slides in my languages, Persian, It is possible in yii2.swsco.ir