Object Persistance

Hi All,

Just want a bit of advice on something.

I am creating a Model which is based on a COM dll object, now I am displaying the data from this in my view. The controller is creating a Model instance and then passing the data back to the view, when I click on an individual item, I am loading another COM dll object, but my issue is the instance of this dies once the page loads, I want to be able to save the instance in the controller so I can call the save method within the Model when I call the save action.

Is there a way around this? If I set a property within the controller i cannot access it after the action has been called.

Is caching the object the only way?



No simple way to do it. PHP is dying at the end of request. In order to change it you need to run it as a service and that’s not easy.

Maybe http://www.php.net//manual/en/function.serialize.php Object and store it