Object Of Class Productindexcontroller Could Not Be Converted To String

hello friend…

i have found a error message i.e

Error 500: <h1>PHP Error [4096]</h1>

<p>Object of class ProductIndexController could not be converted to string (C:\xampp\htdocs\njp2\protected\controllers\ProductIndexController.php:355)</p>

i try to fetch the data from the database table with some condition.my code is

	if( count( $price ) > 0 )


	$results = pricing::model()->findAll(array(

    'condition'=>"pricing.price  >= '$this->0' and pricing.price <= '$this->2000'"));

$values = array();

foreach($results as $r) $values[] = $r->price;

	//$criteria->condition = "price  >= '$this->0' and price <= '$this->2000'";

	$criteria->addInCondition( 'pricing.price', $values ); 


if i used without condition then it work fine and not give any error,

but when i use condition then it give error which is mention in the above.

here i want to find data from the price column which is greater then 0 and less then 2000.

where m i wrong to write the condition?how to find this data?

please suggest me.


Change ‘$this->0’ into ‘0’ and ‘$this->2000’ into ‘2000’. ‘$this->0’ does not refer to an attribute and is not grouped, so php simply tries to convert ‘$this’ to a string and you did not declare ‘_toString’.