Object Not Found Error When Starting Gii


This is the first time I am using Yii or any web application framework for that matter. This is also my first post.

I have installed my first yii web app inside the htdocs folder which is my web server document root.

I find that if I try to launch gii like this, localhost/gii/, I get an object not found error.

But if I do localhost/index.php/gii/, then it works.

Can anyone help me understand why the second approach works.

Thank You


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Have you configured your server according to what is described at the quide?

It’s not clear which version of Tii you use, so linking to Yii 1.1 guide, but the idea is the same.


   there is quite difference when u run localhost/gii then it assumes that there is directory with named gii under www/(web Root) but there is nothing like that, so it generates error.

but when you run localhost/index.php/gii then it access first the web like project index page(which u set up in server configuration) then called its gii component respectively.

but this is not correct way to use yii application. you have to put installed yii directory inside htdocs folder then access it by using localhost/yii then it automatically access yii default application. then used gii tool in appropriate manner.